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About Us

LANL Engineering Standards Program

The LANL Engineering Standards Program has existed at LANL since the early 1980s; it is maintained by a small but dedicated group of subject experts that recognize the tremendous payback that is realized when corporate decisions and lessons-learned knowledge are promulgated as institutional policy requirements and guidance.

Our Mission

To provide an optimized set of engineering standards for design, fabrication, and construction commensurate with user need and cost-benefit considerations.

  • Both programmatic and facility

This will include:

  • A design/construction criteria document
  • Master construction/procurement specs
  • Standard (repeatable) designs/details and example drawings
  • Drafting standards
  • Design guides

Our Vision

  • To have content of high quality, with optimized scope, and user friendly
  • To have users trained on our documents and processes, and
  • To promote and encourage their use

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