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CAD Standards Manual, STD-342-300

tackPOC: Scott Richardson, ES-EPD, 606-0596 tackAlternate POC:  Ed Seawalt, SEO-3, 665-4522
Rev. Date
100, General Requirements (pdf) 5 04/27/15
  Att. 1 Historically Used Drawing Numbers (pdf)    
  VAR-10066, Electronic Drawing Approval    
200, CAD Requirements (pdf)
     VAR-10016, Sketch Requirements (and panel schedule guidance)
5 04/27/15
  Template Instructions - README    
  Digital Signature Title Block Template (pdf) (dwt)   08/06/18
  Digital Signature Title Sheet Template (pdf) (dwt)   08/06/18
  Title Sheet Template (pdf) (dwt)   08/18/17
  Title Block Template (pdf) (dwt)   08/18/17
  Hand Sketch Title Block and Border (pdf)   03/30/16
  Sketch Title Block (pdf) (dwt)   08/18/17
  Font file for Title Block (tff)    
300 Drafting Symbols and Conventions (pdf) 4 10/27/06
   App. A-[deleted]    
   App. B-General Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg) 3  
   App. C-Civil Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg) 3  
   App. D1-Fire - Symbols Chart (F001 - F041 and References) (pdf) (dwg)
   App. D2-Fire - Symbols Chart (F042 - F114) (pdf) (dwg)
   App. D3-Fire - Symbols Chart (F115 - F133) (pdf) (dwg)
   App. E1-Mechanical - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. E2-Mechanical - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. E3-Mechanical - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. F1-Electrical - Symbols Chart (E001-E079) (pdf) (dwg)
   App. F2-Electrical - Symbols Chart (E080-E143) (pdf) (dwg)
   App. G1-P&ID and PFD - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. G2-P&ID - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. G3-P&ID - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. G4-P&ID - Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg)
   App. H-[deleted]    
   App. I-Architectural Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg) 0  
   App. J-Plumbing Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg) 0  
   App. K-Welding Symbols Chart (pdf) (dwg) 0  
Individual CAD Symbols
  General |Architectural | Civil | Fire | Electrical | Mechanical |
  P&ID/PFD | Plumbing | Structural | Welding

Drawing Requirements Manual (programmatic)
Note: 11th edition (2008) is available at IHS

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