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Reputable Manufacturers List (RML) Approval

Piping components not listed within the B31 codes that are part of a NASME design basis must be evaluated and accepted by the LANL CPSO/DCPSO prior to use.
NOTE: NASME design basis and design requirements are discussed in PS-REQUIREMENTS Sections 7.3 and 8.4.

Previously Approved Components

A spreadsheet listing previously approved components is here:

[Reputable Manufacturers List of Approved Components] (xlsx, LANL only)

When designing with these, ensure that they are being used within allowable pressure, temperature, and other parameters.

Requesting approval of new components

NOTE: Before requesting a new component, review the RML to verify that the component is not already on the list for the applicable ASME B31 code.

Items submitted to reputable manufacturers listing must be evaluated and accepted by the LANL CPSO/DCPSO prior to use. To submit a request for Reputable Manufacturers List (RML) additions, add desired components to a copy of the latest RML (linked above) in empty rows at the bottom of the list. Format previous revision entries (shown in red text) with black text and desired entries with red text.

Submit revised RML to the LANL CPSO/DCPSO for review and acceptance. Along with the proposed RML addition, requestor should send supporting documentation as needed (e.g., product data sheet(s) and design documentation showing where the component(s) will be used).

If accepted, reviewer will have the information included into the RML on the ESM website and notify requestor.

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