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Unlisted Components Approval

Materials and piping components not listed within the B31 codes must be evaluated and accepted by the LANL CPSO/DCPSO prior to use.

Previously Approved Materials and Components

A spreadsheet listing previously approved components is here:

[Allowed Unlisted Components Listing per PS-REQUIREMENTS Section 8.2
When designing with these, ensure that they are being used within allowable pressure, temperature, and other parameters.

Requesting approval of additional materials and components

Use the forms below that correspond to the B31 code of record.  There are separate forms for unlisted materials and piping components.  
If a form is not available for the specific code of record, create one with the assistance of the CPSO.

In the forms there are references to specific paragraphs in the ASME B31 codes.  Read those paragraphs and execute the evaluation on the form. 

The following is an example of an unlisted material review for ASME B31.9.  Use the form titled “ASME B31.9 Material Form.” 
Then go to the ASME B31.1 code book and verify it is or is not in the Appendix A.  If the material is in ASME B31.1 it may be used.  
If not, then read ASME B31.9 paragraph 923.1.2 and fill out the form listing the published specifications for each of the required fields where there is a reference requested.  Attach the documentation of the citations to the form and send it to the LANL CPSO/DCPSO for review and approval.  Both paper and electronic forms are acceptable.  The other forms are similar.

Forms for providing unlisted component evaluation IAW PS-REQUIREMENTS Section 8.2

(refer to B31.1 Form-1C Instructions for assistance with all the forms)

                     ASME Code

Evaluation Type






Form 1C

Form 3C

Form 3C-HP


Form 5C

Form 9C

Valve Evaluation


Form 3V


Form 9V

Unlisted Metallic Material


Form 3MM

Form 5MM

Form 9MM

Authorization for CPSO approval is by VAR-16-021 Delegation of Authority for Review Approval and Acceptance of UL Components to CPSO 

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