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Ch.1-General Ch.6-Mechanical Ch.11-Radiation Protection Ch.16-IBC Program
Ch.2-Fire Ch.7-Electrical
Ch.17-Pressure Safety
Ch.13-Welding, Joining & NDE Ch.18-Secure Communications
Ch.4-Architectural Ch.9-Security Ch.14-Sustainable Design Ch.19-Communications
Ch.5-Structural Ch.10-Hazardous Process Ch.15-Commissioning  

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ESM (Chapter 1 - General)

tackPOC: Tobin Oruch, ES-DO, 665-8475 tack SMPO:Larry Goen, ES-DO, 667-6847 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
Technical Requirements    
Z10, General Requirements for All Disciplines/Chapters (READ FIRST) 13 07/16/15

  Attachment A, Technical Baseline Drawings Guidance

5 08/25/10

  Attachment B, Technical Baseline Deliverables (New Facilities and Systems)

3 05/21/09

  Attachment C, Design Deliverable Schedule 30-60-90-100%

6 03/23/15

  Attachment D, Facility Design Descriptions (New Facilities)

3 05/21/09

  Attachment E, Life Cycle Cost Methodology Guidance

3 05/21/09

   Attachment F, Specifications

1 03/23/15

    FM01: Approval/Cover Sheet for Externally Produced Specifications

1 03/23/15

    FM02: Table of Contents Sample

1 03/23/15

    Appendix A. Considerations in Developing Engineering Specifications (Guidance)


    Appendix B. Engineering Specifications Checklist (Guidance)


    Appendix C. Equipment Data Sheet Examples


    Appendix D: Procurement-Only, Non-CSI Spec Format Template


    Appendix E: Wording of Specs


  Attachment G, Engineering Deliverables for Projects (Guidance)

0 11/17/14
2137 - Conduct of Engineering Request for Variance or Alternative Method (.pdf)    
2176 - Conduct of Engineering Formal Clarification or Interpretation Request (.pdf)    
2178 - Subcontractor Deviation Disposition Request (.pdf)    
200, Equipment Numbering & Labeling 7 06/16/08
210, System List 5 02/17/12

  Attachment 1: Systems List

220, System Boundaries 1 10/27/06
230, Equipment/Component Functional IDs 8 05/13/10

  Attachment 1:


  Name-sort view/print file


  Discipline-sort view/print file


  ID-sort view/print file


  Equipment/Component Name (xls file)

Administrative Requirements    
Section 100, Standards Administration by Standards Team 7 09/18/13

  Appendix A: Approval/Signature Sheet

8.1 04/06/15

  Appendix B: ESM Personnel Qualification Record

7 09/18/13

  Appendix C: ESM Change Proposal

7 09/18/13

  Appendix D: ESB Meeting Attendance and Voting Record

7 09/18/13

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ESM (Chapter 2 - Fire Protection)

tackPOC: Julie Wood, ER-FP, 665-8279 tack Alternate POC: Joe White, FP-DO, 665-6324 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
D40, Fire Protection 4 11/21/13

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ESM (Chapter 3 - Civil)

tackPOC: Crystal Rodarte-Romero, ES-EPD, 665-7690 tack Alt: Donald Yardman ES-EPD, 665-7606 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
G10-30GEN, General Civil Requirements (READ FIRST) 3 05/27/15
G10, Site Preparations 3 05/27/15
G20, Site Improvements 3 05/27/15
G30, Site Civil / Mechanical Utilities 3 05/27/15

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ESM (Chapter 4 - Architectural)

tackPOC: David Carr, ES-EPD, 665-5551 tack Alt: Scott Richardson, ES-EPD, 606-0596 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
B-C GEN, General Architectural Requirements (READ FIRST) 3 10/27/06
   VAR-2012-092 Labwide Anchoring Overhead Storage Flipper Units
B Shell, Building Shell 3 10/27/06
  VAR-2013-113 4.0 Fall Protection    09/26/13
C Interior, Building Interiors 3 10/27/06
Chapter References    
Sustainable Design Guide


Site & Architectural Design Principles

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ESM (Chapter 5 - Structural)

tackPOC:Mike Salmon, AET-2, 665-7244 tack Alt. POC: Glen Pappas, ES-EPD, 665-1221 tack SMPO: Larry Goen, ES-DO, 667-6847
Section/Title Rev. Date
I, General Criteria (READ FIRST) 7 03/27/15
II, Commercial Design and Analysis Requirements 9 03/27/15
III, Nuclear SSCs Design and Analysis Requirements 6 03/27/15
IV, Geotechnical Investigations 6 03/27/15
Chapter References    
Guidance and Expectations for DOE STD 1189-2008, Integration of Safety into the Design Process, Natural Phenomena Hazard Design Basis Criteria for Chemical Hazard Safety Structures, Systems and Components, 7/9/09

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ESM (Chapter 6 - Mechanical)

tackPOC: Michael Ladach, ES-EPD, 667-6229 tack Alternate POC: Scott Salisbury, ES-EPD, 667-7819tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
D10-30GEN, General Mechanical Requirements (READ FIRST) 5 09/29/14
D10+E10, Equipment 4 09/29/14
D20, Plumbing/Piping/Vessels 6 02/26/15
D30, HVAC, Heating, Cooling, HVAC Distribution and TAB 5 09/29/14

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ESM (Chapter 7 - Electrical)

tackPOC: Eric Stromberg, ES-EPD, 665-6070 tackAlternate POC: TBD  tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
D5000, General Electrical Requirements (READ FIRST) 7 09/29/14
D5010, Electrical Service & Distribution 4 11/08/11
     VAR-2010-013, Approved Alt Method for Load Calculations with Non-Coincident Loads    
D5020, Lighting & Branch Circuit Wiring 5 11/08/11
     VAR-2014-046, Non-Powered Exit Signs    
D5030, Communications (Superseded by Ch.19-D60)    
D5090, Other Electrical Systems 5 12/19/13
G4010, Site Electrical Distribution 3 08/20/10
G4020, Site Lighting 3 05/12/10
G4030, Site Communication (Superseded by Ch.19-G50)    
G4090, Other Site Electrical Utilities 2 10/27/06

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ESM (Chapter 8 - Instrumentation & Controls)

tackPOC:Allen Hayward, ES-EPD, 606-0840 tack Alternate POC: Rene Holaday, ES-EPD, 665-9053 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
Section D3060.90- Instrumentation & Control (READ FIRST) 4 09/29/14

Attachment A: Instrumented Systems used in Safety Significant & Hazardous Processes Design Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment B: Fail Safe Design of Process Control Loops Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment C: I&C Design Review Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment D: Installation & Calibration of Instruments Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment E: Alarm Management Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment F: Instrument Loop Diagrams Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment G: Control Logic Diagrams Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment H: Panel and Wiring Diagram Guidance

2 09/29/14

Attachment I: PFD and P&ID Diagram Requirements

1 09/29/14

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ESM (Chapter 9 - Security)

tackPOC: Robert Gonzales, PS-1, 667-0447 tack Alternate POC: Benito Salazar, PS-1, 665-3428 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
Facility Protection and Security 3 04/30/15

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ESM (Chapter 10 - Hazardous Process)

tackPOC: Lowell Christensen, ES-EPD, 667-4560 tack Alternate POC: Mel Burnett, ES-FE, 667-1562 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
F1030.60, Hazardous Process 2 09/29/14
  Attachment A: Hazardous Gas Design 2 09/29/14

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ESM (Chapter 11 - Radiation Protection)

tackPOC: Matthew Griffin, OS-BSI, 665-2013 tack Alternate POC: Joe Bianconi, RP-PROG, 606-1917 tackCommittee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
F1030.2, Radiation Protection 1 chg.1 11/25/08

  Appendix A: Radiation Protection Design Considerations &   Features (Guidance)

1 10/27/06

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ESM (Chapter 12 - Nuclear)

tackPOC: Tobin Oruch, ES-DO, 665-8475 tackAlternate POC: Mel Burnett, ES-FE, 667-1562 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
F1030.70, Nuclear 3 09/29/14
Chapter References    
  DOE-STD-1189, Integration of Safety into the Design Process

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ESM (Chapter 13 - Welding, Joining & NDE)

tackPOC: David Bingham, ES-EPD, 664-0416 tackAlternate POC: Richard Bingham, PF-TDI, 667-7077 tack Committee Members
Section/Title   Quick Links
Table of Contents   -1-99, Glossary
Volume 1 - General Welding Standards (GWS)   -Filler Material Locations/Issuers
Volume 2 - Welding Fabrication Procedures (WFP)   -Filler Metal Documents
Volume 3 - Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)   -Inspectors
Volume 4 - Welding Technique Sheets (WTS)   -LANL WPS Index
Volume 5 - ProcedureQualification Records (PQR)   -Warehouse Stocked Filler Material
Volume 6 - Welding Inspection & General NDE   -Welding Checklist
    -Welder Qualification Database

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ESM (Chapter 14 - Sustainable Design)

tackPOC: Tobin Oruch, ES-DO, 665-8475 tack Alternate POC: Michael Ladach, ES-EPD, 667-6229 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
Sustainable Design of Facilities 8 08/28/13
   Attachment 1 - Environmentally Preferable Products for Design Agency Created Specifications   08/28/13
Chapter References:    
Site & Architectural Design Principles
Sustainable Design Guide

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ESM (Chapter 15 - Commissioning)

tackPOC: James Bodnar, CM-SU, 606-2375 tackAlternate POC: Vernon Haywood, CM-SU, 664-0119 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
Commissioning 0 03/03/10
   Attachment A: Commissioning Process Flow Chart 0 03/03/10

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ESM (Chapter 16 - IBC Program)

tackPOC: Tobin Oruch, ES-DO, 665-8475 tack Alternate POC: Doug Volkman, ES-EPD, 667-6238 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
IBC-GEN - IBC General Requirements (READ FIRST) 9 03/30/15

   Form 1: Preliminary Project Determinations

2 03/30/15

   Form 2: HazMat Determination

1 05/22/14

   Form 3: Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge    Designation (Sample)

1 09/24/13

   Form 4: LBO Notice of Violation

0 09/24/13

   Form 5: Building/System Final Inspection Checklist and Certificate of Occupancy

8 03/30/15

   Att. A: LANL Building Code (LBC)

9 07/29/15

   Att. B: LANL Existing Building/System Code (LEBC)

7 03/30/15

VAR-2015-058, Circuit Addition

IBC-IP - IBC Inspection Process 8 05/22/14

   Attachment A: Special Inspection and Testing Summary (Sample)

1 09/24/13

   Attachment B: Statement of Special Inspections

10 03/27/15

   Attachment C: Nonconformance Report Example

1 09/24/13

   Attachment D: IBC Inspection Daily Report (Sample)

1 09/24/13

   Attachment E: IBC Inspection Final Report (Sample)

2 09/24/13

   Attachment F: Job Task List for Inspectors (Guidance)

1 09/24/13

   Attachment G: Structural Observation Form (Sample)

3 03/27/15

   Attachment H: Subcontractor's Statement of Responsibility

2 03/27/15

   Attachment I:  Test and Inspection Plan Template

0 09/24/13
IBC-TIA - IBC Test and Inspection Agency Approval Process 3 09/15/09

   Attachment A: IAS Special Inspection and Testing Agency    Approval Information

1 07/21/08

   Attachment B: Inspector Qualification Guidelines

5 10/10/12
IBC-FAB - Offsite Structural Fabricator Approval Process 6 06/20/11

   Attachment A: Offsite Structural Fabricator Application for LBO Approval

1 07/21/08

   Attachment B: Offsite Structural Fabricator Certificate of Compliance

0 07/21/08
Listing of Approved IBC Testing Agencies and Fabricators   07/13/15
Organization Chart   04/25/14
IBC or IEBC Review Subject Matter Expert List (LANL only)   03/16/15
NEW!! IBC Permitting Process (LANL only)   04/15/15
LBO Permit Database (LANL WIN account required, enter password if prompted)  NEW!    

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ESM (Chapter 17 - Pressure Safety)

tackPOC: Ben Swartz, ES-EPD, 606-2279 tack Alternate POC: Tobin Oruch, ES-DO, 665-8475 (Schedule A) tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
GENERAL Requirements (READ FIRST) 0 09/17/14
     Attachment GEN-1, Definitions and Acronyms 0 09/17/14
     Attachment GEN-2, Exclusions from Program 0 09/17/14
     Attachment GEN-3, OSHA Requirements for Pressure Systems 0 09/17/14
VAR-2015-032, Conflat Flanged Fittings (attachments have been removed from this file)    
VAR-2015-045, Relief Devices    
ESM-CIR-2015-005, ASME Code Stamped Relief Devices Evaluation Requirement for Pressure Safety    
New ASME System Requirements 0 09/1714
     Attachment ASME-1, Code and Regulation Application 0 09/17/14
     Attachment ASME-2, Reserved for future use 0 09/17/14
     Attachment ASME-3, Category M Fluids 0 09/17/14
     Attachment ASME-4, Acceptable Items for Code Construction 0 09/17/14
     Attachment ASME-4-1, Designer-Approved Alternative Hose Restraints 0 09/17/14
     Attachment ASME-4-2, Swagelok Flex Hoses 0 09/17/14
VAR-2015-011, Copper Tubing Alternative    
Reference: Allowed Unlisted Components Listing per ADMIN-2, Article Z -- Unlisted, Specialty, or Unique Components, para 2 (xls)    
NASME - New Non-ASME System Requirements 0 09/17/14
NASME-1, B31.3 Equivalent Safety Evaluations: 0 09/17/14
     NASME-1-A, Category D Non-Metallic Requirements for Piping Not Associated with      Pressure Vessel, Boilers, or Air Receivers 1 06/30/15
     NASME-1-B, Category Normal Non-Metallic Requirements for Piping Not Associated with      Pressure Vessel, Boilers, or Air Receivers 1 06/30/15
     NASME-1-C, Normal Fluid Service Requirements for Metallic Piping Not Associated with           Pressure Vessel, Boilers, or Air Receivers 1 06/30/15
     NASME-1-D, Category D Requirements for Metallic Piping not Associated with Pressure      Vessel, Boilers, or Air Receivers 1 06/30/15
NASME-2, B31.9 Equivalent Safety Evaluations (future) 0 09/17/14
Reference: When listed components cannot be used, reputable manufacturers as discussed in NASME-1-a, b, etc. (xls) (LANL only)    
EXIST - Legacy System Requirements 1 04/15/15
     EXIST-1, Risk-Based Engineering Evaluation of Existing (Legacy, etc.) Pressure Systems 0 09/17/14
     EXIST-1a, Qualitative Risk for Inert Gas Cylinders Existing Systems Only 0 09/17/14
     EXIST-1b, Qualitative Risk for Low Pressure Steam and Steam Condensate 0 09/17/14
     EXIST-1c, Qualitative Risk Evaluation for Compressed Air Systems Existing Systems Only 0 09/17/14
Section ADMIN- Administrative Requirements 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-1, LANL Review Processes 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-1-1, Pressure Safety Forms FM01-FM10 (pdf) 1 04/15/15
       Reference:  PSCS database xls-like templates for documentation vice Word forms    
     ADMIN-1-2, Form Directions (FM01-FM10) 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-1-3, Existing (including Legacy) System Documentation Requirements 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-1-4, New System Document Requirements 0 09/17/14
          Sample Form: Pressure Test    
     ADMIN-1-5, Pressure System Owner Checklist for New or Modified Systems (Guidance) 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-1-6, Risk-Based Certification Processing and Maintenance (Guidance) 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-2, Design, Documentation, and Records 0 09/17/14
VAR-2015-032, Conflat Flanged Fittings (attachments have been removed from this file)    
     ADMIN-2-1, Relief Device Selection Process for Gas Bottle Systems (Guidance) 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-3, Procurement, Fabrication, and Assembly 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-3-FM01, Relief Device Procurement Pre-approval 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-4, Inspection and Testing 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-4-1, Pressure Vessel Inspection and Test Procedure 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-4-2, Hose Assembly Inspection (Guidance) 0 09/17/14
     ADMIN-4-3, Pressure Regulator Maintenance (Guidance) 0 09/17/14
Section REF - Reference    
     REF-1, 10CFR851 on Pressure Safety 0 09/17/14
     REF-2, ASME Codes; Standards; Regulations; and other References [listing and links only] 0 09/17/14
     REF-3, ASME B31.3 Process Piping Guide - [temporarily withdrawn]    
VAR-2015-011, Copper Tubing Alternative    
Pressure System Certification System    
Chapter 17, Additional Pressure Safety Reference Data (internal only-click for live links)
Chapter 17, Pressure Safety (entire chapter including attachments and variances)
Note: The intent is for browsing or searching for topics, but not printing. (12.14 MB)
The Chapter proper but not amendments (labwide variances and clarifications)
  last updated 7/01/15

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ESM (Chapter 18 - Secure Communications)

tackPOC: Adrian Trujillo, NIE-ESS, 667-2581 tack Alternate POC: Sean Beggio, NIE-TS, 665-8191 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
Secure Communications 1 02/12/15

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ESM (Chapter 19 - Communications)

tackPOC: Pete Lowe, NIE-TS, 665-9147 tack Alternate POC: David Schlegel, NIE-TS, 606-0786 tack Committee Members
Section/Title Rev. Date
D60, Communications 0 02/23/15
G50, Site Communications 0 02/23/15


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