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ESM Chapter 14 References and Resources


Chapter User Aids

Guiding Principles (GP, formerly HPSB)

General SD Aids

LANL-use only (e.g., Project Engineers)

  • ASHRAE 90.1 Training Slides
  • Energy Codes
    -    Projects using Ch. 14 Rev 12 (code of record 2/9/2024 and after):  ASHRAE 90.1-2019 available to LANL from Accuris EWB
    -    Small modification projects using IECC 2018 per Ch. 14 Rev 11 (code of record before 2/9/2024):  As of 04/16/2024, Fifth Printing is latest. PDF users, download from EWB (may have to look in Summary link). Older hardcopy users: Use errata here (from ICC errata site here)  Free I-code views (search IBC, IEBC, IFC, IECC, etc.; LANL can use IHS)
  • NREL Site Operations Smart Labs Design Guidelines

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